Dark Souls 1 and Remastered Bosses Order

No idea where to go after the boss Ornstein and Smough ? I had also really no idea at all, what’s next to do and witch boss is next after my non favorite duo Ornstein and Smough ? Here is a a list of the main bosses in Dark Souls Remastered and the original one of Dark Souls for the playstation 3 and pc as well.

  1. Asylum Demon- location in the beginning of the game
  2. Bell Gargoyle – location Undead Parish
  3. Choas Witch Quelaag – location Blighttown
  4. Ceaseless Discharge – location Demon Ruins
  5. Great Grey Wolf Sif – location Darkroot Garden
  6. Iron Golum – location Sen’s Fortess
  7. Ornstein and Smough – location Anor Londo
  8. Seath of Scaleless  -location Crystal Cave
  9. Gravelord Nito – location The Catacombs
  10. PinWheel – location The Catacombs
  11. Four Kings – location New Londo Ruins
  12. Bed Of Choas – location Lost Izalith
  13. Gwyn Lord of Cinder – location  Kiln of the First Flame (End Boss, end Game)

Undead Parish

From within this location you can enter Bosses Bell Gargoyle, Great Grey Wolf Sif, Iron Golum


after beat the favo duo from nobody Ornstein and Smough, you can enter bosses Seath of Scaleless, Pinwheel and Nito.


You can enter the catacombes  at the beginning of the game to get the Gravelord Sword without doing any boss, just known the path to get it.

Demon Ruins

After you beat the Choas Witch Quelaag you can enter the Demon Ruins, follow the path for Demon bosses

New Londo Ruins

You can enter also this area in the beginning of the game, keep in mind that you will need Transient Curse to hit the ghosts